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Hi everyone, it's Constance with Body TX Massage and Health. Hope everyone had a great May long weekend. The weather finally cooperated with us. And if you are experiencing any symptoms of allergies, for example with all the pollen that we're seeing lately, definitely wanted to let you know that acupuncture really can help. We've had a few people call in and hear that acupuncture works for allergies and we definitely have the answer to say yes, acupuncture can help. Ideally it's best to come in prior to allergy season just so that you can get your body sort of tuned up for it. But it certainly can be an effective treatment for you if you're experiencing allergies.

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What I also wanted to talk about is come up with a few times lately with clients is despite our physical location here we do offer the service of coming into your home. So for example, if you have an elderly parent or someone in your care that has limited mobility, we do come into your home and offer massage therapy treatments. They can either be a 30 minute massage for $45 or a 45 minute massage for $55. So it's a discounted rate just so that we can make sure that they do get some awesome massage therapy treatments because we know that it is difficult to sometimes leave the home.

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