Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture is a very effective treatment in optimizing fertility in conjunction with fertility treatments, or if you are trying to conceive naturally.

It can treat conditions that can interfere with getting pregnant or increase the overall chances of successful assisted fertility treatments. Acupuncture helps lower overall stress levels, balance hormones, regulate blood flow, regulates the menstrual cycle, alleviates PMS symptoms and much more!

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with high FSH, PCOS, low progesterone, poor egg quality, endometriosis or have experienced repeated IVF failures, miscarriages, or have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, Acupuncture can be used to optimize your fertility to improve chances of conceiving.

Our Acupuncturist starts with an in-depth assessment to uncover underlying factors that may be interfering with conceiving. During this time, she will outline an in-depth treatment plan to achieve optimal results. The treatment plan may include fertility acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, mindbody stress reduction tools, naturopathic medicine, fertility diet and lifestyle changes to effectively treat a whole range of fertility challenges.

Common fertility challenges treated by Acupuncture:

Egg Quality

Sperm Quality

IVF Support



Diminished Ovarian Reserve (high FSH/low AMH)

Advanced Maternal Age

Recurrent Miscarriages

Unexplained Infertility

Male factor Infertility

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From one of Sarah's clients...

I was skeptical of acupuncture at first and have a fear of needles, so I

was uncertain of how much I'd get out of this treatment. Sarah made me

feel comfortable from the beginning, taking plenty of time with me and

explaining everything very thoroughly. My doctor had recently told me

that test results of my hormones showed an imbalance that could take

over a year to correct before I would be able to maintain a healthy

pregnancy. After discussing this with Sarah at the initial appointment

we came up with a treatment plan that worked for me and started

immediately. Within 2 months I was pregnant! I have just had a healthy

baby boy after a very easy, comfortable pregnancy with acupuncture

treatments throughout. Any of the typical pregnancy symptoms I did have,

such as swelling and heartburn were easily managed with a single

treatment and I attribute Sarah's experience in fertility/pregnancy for

making it so easy on me! I could actually feel my heartburn recede

within 5 minutes of the needling. She was very reassuring throughout the

treatments and my pregnancy in general and I actually started to look

forward to my treatments. We had even discussed the option of

acupuncture induction if the need arose after my Doctor had brought a

concern for needing an induction up, but with the birth prep acupuncture

treatments in the last month I went into labor naturally. I know I will

continue to see Sarah, I have recommended her to many friends already,

and when it comes time for the next babe I will rely on her expertise


K.K - Acupuncture Client

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