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Information to help you on your journey to maintained health

A Diverse Team to Meet Your Needs

At BodyTx Fort Saskatchewan, we offer not just a quick fix that doesn't have lasting effects, but a health journey that digs down to the root cause of pain and imbalance.

Acupuncture Complements Massage

At BodyTx Fort Saskatchewan, we are often asked by our massage therapy clients whether acupuncture can help their conditions. The answer is YES!

Our Recent Work

All About Fascia

How injuries to muscles and bones, as well as poor body posture, can cause fascia to be affected or damaged. This damage to the fascia is oftentimes the cause of a lot of acute discomfort or chronic pain conditions. And what you can do to help alleviate this!

Don't Let Stress Hurt You

3 Tips on how to deal with ever-growing stress that we all seem to face.

It's SPRING! Tips on how to cleanse and rejuvenate!

It's a time for cleansing and rejuvenation, and to balance out the irritability, anger or hormone imbalances that may be taking place.

Sarah discusses why focus on the liver and gallbladder is important during this season and 3 tips on how to get started!Double-click the video to edit it and enter a short description of the video here.

A Pleasant surprise!

The #1 FEAR with respect to acupuncture and why you should NOT be afraid!

Our Recent Work

Busting Common Myths

We often hear some common myths regarding body's time to bust some!

1) Questions during your treatment?

2) Deep tissue massage vs. therapeutic massage

3) Post-treatment comments

Acupuncture & Massage for Children

Acupuncture and Massage are GREAT for children! 

If your child has sustained sports-related injuries, accident-related injuries, or has difficulty concentrating, relaxing, or sleeping, acupuncture and massage are natural approaches to helping your child!

Have Chronic Pain?

Pain is akin to Old Man's how!

All About Cupping Therapy

Known for its ability to restore healthy and free circulation, Sarah discusses different types of cups used in cupping and the benefits of each.